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Piazza Garibaldi 2 70039 SANTERAMO, Puglia
Phone: 0039 333 861 5002
Wedding Photographer Italy

Adamo Morgese

Wedding Photographer based in Italy

Hi there !

My name is Adam and I am photographer.

I have been « breathing » photography since I was child as my father is been photographer as well.

I use to work with him in the dark room since when I was 6 years old and it was fantastic for a little child assist to the magic that happen in dark room.

Growing up I have become more and more involved in this Art and I was hungry to learn new technique every day.

My mother was my very first model… she was amused and she laughed a lot seen me mimicking the “paparazzi” style when I toke photos of her.

My father was there watching me all the time in silent and giving me some advices which of course I never followed as I wanted to experiment and learn by my mistakes.

I use to compare my photos with pictures published on magazines and of course there was no game as my photos at the time were far away compared to the photos of real professional photographers!

I use to watch them and asck to my self” how did they do that….”.

It was frustrating for me to watch and not be able to replicate that result, but nothink destract me from my objective: learn and be able to match that result and do better.

My experiments went on and each time i could see the improvements.
However I realized that I needed some serious professional training.
For that reason I decided go to collage and study photography very seriously.
I studied photograph for 3 years in Milan at the “THE ISTITUTO EUROPEO DI DESIGN”.

After the scool I felt very confident and I jmped in the professional field : my adventure in the professional wolrd as photographer was just started!
I simply love my job and I do take every single one with the same entusiasm, energy and commitment that is needed to get to the result that I am lookong for.

For the last 15 years I have been working as wedding photographer in Italy and around the world.
My approche to wedding photography is very soft and not intrusive at all.
This approach is been a great success and this is what my clients have been commenting a lot on the various blogs and review that I have received during the course of the years.