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Italian Destination Wedding Photographer Puglia

Wedding photographer Puglia

Certainly as a wedding photographer, without a doubt, Puglia is my favorite region.
Puglia or Apulia, as some people prefer to call it, is situated in the south of Italy.
Earlier the Romans used to call the region Apulia.
Of course, some expert considers that the name of Apulia comes from the Greek Iapudes.
That means:” those who live on the other side of the Adriatic”.

Excellent locations

I am an Italian wedding photographer based in Puglia.
Of course, I truly love to work as an “Italian Destination Wedding Photographer in Puglia”.
Of course, as a wedding photographer, I have worked virtually in most of the popular locations here in Italy and abroad.
Undoubtedly, getting married in Puglia is an excellent choice.
In fact, Puglia from a recent survey is one of the most attractive regions here in Italy!
 Of course, I am proud to live here and work as an Italian Destination Wedding Photographer in Puglia.
Certainly, I know the territory very well, of course, I am happy to offer free advice to my clients.

Puglia: the perfect destination for your wedding in Italy

So if you choose to get married in Puglia you have so many good reasons for that!
For example, you have the choice to be in the countryside or in contrast, on the seafront.
In fact, Puglia offers an infinite choice of possible locations.

Wedding in Masseria Apulia

For instance, if you love in particular the quietness of the countryside, the choice of the Masseria is very appropriate.
In fact, in the farm (Masseria) you will find immediately both rustic and elegant, in a warm welcoming environment.
Certainly, the natural beauty of this natural environment is in fact priceless for your destination wedding in Puglia!
Indeed as Italian wedding destination photographer in Puglia, of course, I love shooting a beautiful bride and groom in this magic territory.
Besides many places also offer the possibility of accommodation for the married couple and wedding guests.
Eventually The wedding in Puglia in the Masseria, therefore, becomes a pleasant holiday.
Indeed as a wedding photographer in Puglia, in the end, I certainly recommend considering Puglia as the location for your upcoming wedding.

Wedding in Apulia by the sea

Certainly for persons who love nature, of course choosing the countryside as a wedding destination in Puglia is after all an excellent choice!
In any case, for those who truly love the sea, Puglia has fabulous beaches and breathtaking cliffs!
Again, as an Italian wedding destination photographer in Puglia, I can for example mention you so many places.
Undoubtedly Polignano a Mare is the “pearl” of the Puglia!
Meanwhile, it is really worthed here to mention Coco Beach in Polignano a Mare.