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Adamo Morgese Wedding Photographer
Adamo Morgese Wedding Photographer In Italy  available worldwide.

My name is Adamo Morgese and I am Italian wedding photographer.

Photography has been a part of my life since my childhood,

as my father was a photographer himself.

Obviously you can easily guess who was my very first model… my mother,

who was extremely amused and she laughed a lot seeing me

play the “paparazzi” style whenever I took pictures of her.

At the age of 6, and allow me this pun,

I started working in the dark room,

where I was “enlighted” about the magical art of photography.

It was something fantastic for a so young kid.

Wedding Photographer Italy

Adamo Morgese

That was a long time ago.

I used to compare my work with pictures published on magazines and advertisements. Naturally, I could not compete as my photos at the time were far away from those taken by professional photographers!I was amused and boggled at their photographs… and each time the same question arised, “how did they do that ….”.
You can image the frustration observing and and not being able to get close to the result desired. But nothing could distract me from my goal: learn to match that result and do better.

I could see improvements as my experimenting continued. However, I realized it was time to get another level of professional training.

I attended “THE ISTITUTO EUROPEO DI DESIGN” in Milan, and studied photography for 3 tough years. At the end I achieved a specialization in advertisement and still life photography.

I felt very confident after my studies so I leaped in to the professional field: my adventure in the professional world as  a photographer had just begun!

I simply love my job and my work, and I take care of every single one of them with the same enthusiasm, energy and  commitment  that is essential to get to the result that I am looking for.

I know that my “learning curve” will never end, as every day I know more than day before.