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Wedding Venues in Sorrento

Luxury Wedding Venue Sorrento

Wedding venues in Sorrento Italy

Sorrento offers a great choice of venue for your wedding.

In fact, in Sorrento there are so many wonderful wedding venues which would be perfect for planning your wedding on the Amalfi Coast.

Sorrento is located on the fabulous Amalfi Coast which is full of breathtaking landscape views along the coast.

In fact, the wide choice allows you to valuate and choose your wedding venue in Sorrento, based  on your needs, personal taste and you budget.

Villa Antiche Mura

Of course, among the numerous wedding locations I have worked in, Villa Antiche Mura is the location that I have appreciated the most.

It certainly offers an elegant environment, with a wonderful sea view.

Certainly Villa Antiche Mura offers beauty and elegance and at the same time a relaxing atmosphere.

Furthermore there is also a large garden with romantic courtyards.

Surely at Villa Antiche Mura there is also a fantastic area with the wonderful Sorrento lemons trees.

As well as the wonderful garden, of course, Villa Antiche Mura also has private access to the beach where you can take stunning photos at sunset.

Certainly the moment of sunset at Villa Antiche Mura represents one of the magical moments of the entire day.

Typically during the wedding day, the sunset is dedicated to cutting the cake.

The beauty of this magical moment at Villa Antiche Mura is really indescribable.

I truly believe that Villa Antiche Mura is one of the locations in Sorrento that more than others leaves you with an indelible memory of your “big day”.

Weddings in Sorrento Italy

As a matter of fact, it is not important how big or small your wedding is. Surely in Villa Antiche Mura you will be able to satisfy your needs and expectations.
Definitively This is the Luxury Wedding venue in Sorrento to celebrate your wedding on the Amalfi Coast.

Sorrento lemon tree garden
Bride and groom in Sorrento
Wedding venue in Sorrento
Bride and groom posing
Bride and Groom kissing
Wedding Venue Sorrento
Wedding Venue Sorrento
Relaxing at the sun set
Kissing at the sunset


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