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Amalfi Coast Wedding

Amalfi Coast Wedding

More and more young couples do get married in Italy.
There are many locations in Italy available for a beautiful wedding.
One of the most popular destinations is certainly the Amalfi Coast. 
You can see beautiful Amalfi coast photos on this page.

In fact, the Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful places to where celebrate your wedding in Italy.

So for a wedding photographer, it is very satisfying to work in this area.
I do use any moment of the day to shoot spectacular wedding photos.

Very often I love to go on boat trips with the groom and the bride.
In fact, you can rent a motorboat for the time necessary to do a photoshoot.
My customers appreciate particularly this experience.
The Amalfi Coast seen from the sea looks more romantic than ever.

I love working as a wedding photographer all over the Amalfi Coast no matter which location.
Wherever I go I find the enthusiasm to be creative and work with passion.
As a wedding Photographer on the Amalfi Coast, I can say that the area offers me infinite possibilities for original photos all year-round.

Wedding ceremony on the Amalfi Coast

The wedding ceremony is often a civil ceremony.
It takes place in specific locations designated by the municipality or in private villas or on some of the hotel’s terraces.
Some of the terraces of the various hotels offer terraces with breathtaking scenery.

Sure enough wedding photographs taken during the civil ceremony are particularly spectacular.
For those who want a Christian religious rite the only authorized place on the Amalfi Coast is in Positano.
I’m talking about the church of the “Assunta” which is located in the heart of the beautiful little town.
in this church is possible to celebrate the Catholic rite.

Certainly, the restaurants on the Amalfi Coast certainly offer the best of Italian cuisine.
The food served at a wedding in this area will never disappoint you!
In short, the Amalfi Coast certainly offers a really wide choice and for all budgets.

Wedding abroad

With my experience as a wedding photographer on the Amalfi Coast before choosing the location, I would recommend
visit these places during a short vacation.
Alternatively, you can rely on the numerous wedding planners on the Amalfi Coast who will certainly be happy to help you.