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Wedding Photographer Italy Sorrento

Wedding Photographer Sorrento

Are you looking for your wedding photographer in Sorrento?
Indeed Sorrento is a very popular location located on the Amalfi Coast.
Overlooking the stunning Bay of Naples Sorrento is above all the perfect location for your “Amalfi Coast Wedding“.
Home to lemon orchards, which provide the fruit for the famous Limoncello.
Sorrento’s beautiful location has attracted visitors for centuries.
Sorrento as a wedding destination in Italy is the dream for many brides and grooms.
It is the perfect gateway to the magnificent Amalfi Coast.
As a wedding photographer, I do love Sorrento!
Sorrento has many breath-taking terraces with sea views from the magnificent cliffs.
So the city of Sorrento allows celebrating wedding ceremonies in several beautiful venues.

Wedding Photographer Sorrento at the  Cloister of San Francesco

The most famous and popular location in Sorrento is the Cloister of San Francesco (Cloister of St. Francis).
As a wedding photographer, I do recommend the Cloister.
In fact, in Sorrento, the beautiful Cloister of San Francesco is the most popular location for the wedding celebration.
Once a 14th-century monastery.
There are baroque arches of greenery that create a very special romantic atmosphere.
However, at present, the Wedding Celebration takes place outdoors in the beautiful Cloister.
If you get married in the Cloister of Sorrento at noon your ceremony would need to stop for a while.
The reason is that the bells of the cloister will start their 12’o clock “symphony”.

Civil Ceremony at the Museo Correale

Villa Correale is situated right on the edge of the beautiful Sorrento.
This Villa is a very beautiful place.
I have worked in this location as a professional wedding Photographer in Sorrento.
In the past, this villa uses to be a private home by the Correale family.
Eventually, the villa was donated to the city of Sorrento and nowadays it is a beautiful museum.
For example, inside the villa, you can still see the original decoration and luxurious 17th Century.
The Museo Correale is an ideal location for your wedding in Sorrento Ceremony.
In fact, you can choose to get married in one of the beautiful rooms inside the villa.
In that case, your civil ceremony can take place in the Correale gardens.
Surely you will enjoy been surround by its magnificent ancient trees and citrus groves.

Sorrento Villa Fondi

Villa Fondi is only 10 minutes out of the center of Sorrento.
If you chose Sorrento for your romantic wedding destination, Villa Fondi is a venue that is worth considering.
Situated on a cliff, with its splendid sea view from the huge terrace.
From there you can in particularly admire the Vesuvio and the Gulf of Naples.
With olive trees and palms in the botanical gardens.
The wedding ceremony takes place on the panoramic terrace with wonderful sea views.
What could be more romantic!
In my opinion as a professional wedding photographer in Sorrento, Villa Fondi is undeniably a magic place.
Indeed here you can celebrate your wedding with elegance and confort.