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Wedding Photographer Puglia

Wedding photographer Puglia.

The actual name now days  is Puglia. However some people prefer call it Apulia.
Some expert considers that the name of Apulia comes from the Greek Iapudes
that means:”those who live on the other side of the Adriatic”

Excellent location

I am a wedding photographer based in Puglia.
Getting married in Puglia is an excellent choice.

In fact, Puglia from a recent survey is one of the most beautiful regions in the world!
Adamo Morgese Wedding Photographer in Puglia offers professional photographic services.

Puglia: the perfect destination for your wedding abroad

So if you choose to get married in Italy, in Puglia, you have good reasons for that!
Choose your location: on the sea or in the beautiful manner house also called  “masseria”.

In fact, Puglia offers an infinite choice of locations.
The splendid Apulian farms or “masseria” in fact organize weddings in their structure.

Venue in Puglia: the “masseria”

If you love the tranquility of the countryside, the choice of the Masseria is very appropriate.
In fact, in the farm (masseria) you will find both rustic and elegant and welcoming environments.
Organise your wedding day among the olive trees and vineyards of the Apulian countryside is priceless.
Many places also offer the possibility of accommodation for the married couple and wedding guests.
The wedding in Puglia in the Masseria, therefore, becomes a pleasant holiday.
As a w
edding photographer in Puglia, this kind of venue offers an infinite possibility for a photoshoot.
In fact, I do love shooting around and captures the beauty of nature.

Wedding in Puglia by the sea

In contrast to those who love the sea Puglia offers wonderful locations with a splendid sea.
So as a wedding photographer in Puglia I love this type of location.
For example Polignano, a Mare with Coco Beach offers the possibility
of the wedding celebration on the beach.