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Wedding Photographer in Villa Sabrina Sorrento

Wedding Photographer: Villa Sabrina Sorrento

Wedding Photographer on the Amalfi Coast in Sorrento I have shot many wedding to Villa Sabrina.

The Amalfi Coast offers an incredibly big selection of wonderful locations along the coast!
In fact, you only have the privilege to chose if you like to have your “big day” facing the sea or
on the top of the cliff with a fabulous view of the Vesuvio.

Of course, Villa Sabina is one of those locations where you will you fill at home!
A beautiful garden surrounds Villa Sabrina

Certainly, food is another good point that makes this place a good choice as a wedding location.

However, as a wedding photographer on the Amalfi Coast in Sorrento, I do like this place wich is not far away from Sorrento.
I have used the garden for taking wonderful photos of the bride and groom on their “Amalfi Coast Wedding“.